About Faye

Since 1998, Faye has been practicing, studying, and advancing her skills, mentored by two Reiki Master Teachers in the eastern lineage art of traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho, and after many years of training and practicing, she achieved the highest level attainable graduating as a Reiki Master Teacher earning her right to the title “Shihan”

Note: Shihan is a title given only to the Master Teachers of this Japanese lineage Reiki art and remember: all Masters are not Master Teachers.

Besides being a wife and mother of three, a published author, an artist (painter), achieving her degree to work and teach Reiki, Chakra, Meridian Points, and Crystal Healing has been her latest achievement (since 2011).

Reiki is not a religious group; it cuts across all faiths, creeds and beliefs. Reiki is simply a healing method of stress reduction, which promotes health by balancing the vibrations between the Physical, Emotional, and Spirit bodies that make us who we are.

Reiki is effective for restoring balance, strengthening the functions and health of the physical body; enhancing relaxation and self-awareness of the emotional body; and calming and nourishing the spirit body.

It promotes self-healing by treating from inside out, without changing medication(s) if under care of a medical provider.

Over 800 American hospitals offer Reiki as part of their hospital services.

Artist, Author, Shihan