In the fall of 1998, Faye started her journey as a Reiki practitioner and teacher. During the first year of her practicing this art of healing, she felt something was missing, therefore, to find her answer, she found her second Reiki Teacher and studied and completed the second modality of westernized Reiki as a teacher.

In the Spring of 2004, Faye and her family moved down to South Florida and in the fall of the same year, she suffered a stroke. The recovery was slow and painful. Depression and complexity of recovery was beyond her comprehension.

Two of her friends who did not know each other gave her the same phone number to contact and to receive Reiki. And there she started her journey into the third modality, Traditional Eastern Usui Reiki.

During the first few months of her new journey, Faye started to paint and her painting seemed profound, complex with hidden messages and stories. Her love for painting came from nowhere--except a casual painting the wall to redecorate her home, she had never had painted on canvas or used oil as her medium. The Teacher level of her third modality took Faye another 4 years to achieve.

In Fall of 2017, once again, Faye decided to advance her knowledge and learn her fourth modality, Jikiden Reiki under Frank Arjava Petter, and she is registered as a Jikiden practitioner with the Jikiden Institute of Reiki in Tokyo in Japan.

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For appointments, please call 706-854-9977

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