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“Light Worker” is what Faye Wallace’s patrons and private collectors call her. Many of Faye’s clients have encouraged and inspired her to open up and offer her artworks to a wider audience.

 As a published author of historical romance novels (2001, 2002), Faye always had her head into research books and writing. But after her stroke in October 2004, everything changed.

Afflicted with a deep dark depression after her stroke, Faye showed an interest to paint, and her husband provided all that he could possibly think of in hope of her recovery.  Until then, she had never painted before.

To everyone’s  surprise, she started painting with both hands. Some of her artworks are signed on the left lower corner of the canvas indicating that it was painted with her left hand.

Faye always jokes about how she can’t even draw a straight line, and her lack of sketching has not changed or improved! Needless to say, she paints right on the canvas without outside influence or inspirations.  Her paintings are truly from her being—the images that she sees during her daily Reiki meditations.

Through her paintings, she encourages the viewers’ eyes to travel with the “Light” and see the “Infinite” possibilities of life, love, hope and healing.

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